West London psychotherapy

untitled West London psychotherapyConsulting Room:
22 Bollo Lane,
W4 5BT

Mob: 07506 351966

Email: info@lucyflannerytherapy.com

At this West london location I offer psychotherapy to both individuals and couples seeking help and I offer both long and short term work. You might be seeking psychotherapy because your feeling lost or stuck either in your personal life or as a couple. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of the familiar and to resist change and remain stuck, which can be the source of emotional pain and distress. The process of psychotherapy will enable you to begin to understand your personal history and how the past can sometimes influence the present and how negative behaviours can lead to emotional stress.

I am experienced in working with the following: anxiety, relationship difficulties, depression, sexuality, bereavement, loss, addiction, abuse, work issues, phobias, panic, obsession, post traumatic stress, family life, parenting and many other problems that come with being human.

I will provide you with a confidential, non judgemental space in which to explore your experiences and begin to make sense of your thoughts and feelings.