Need a Shepherds Bush Psychotherapist?

 Need a Shepherds Bush Psychotherapist? Finding a therapist can mark a tremendously exciting turning point in one’s life, when we find the courage to address the past and find the happiness we deserve. If your work or personal life is negatively impacted by anger, mood swings, feelings of shame or poor self esteem, finding a therapist or counsellor can make a big difference.

Please call Lucy 07506 351966 for confidential advice or to book an appointment.

Here are some of the reasons people seek a therapist:

  • Life has ceased to yield meaning or purpose
  • When a close relationship is in trouble
  • When friends express concern for you
  • Psychotherapy can help you overcome obstacles that have kept you from reaching your goals and becoming the person you want to be
  • Sometimes anxiety or relationship problems are associated with coping mechanisms, such as excessive shyness, weak communication, lack of assertiveness, or poor anger control
  • Experiencing a break from someone who is important to you (through death or separation) can result in great emotional pain. Therapy can be significantly helpful in coping with the loss
  • Victims of trauma, violence or abuse can feel so overwhelmed by feelings of fear, anger, or helplessness that their ability to function effectively is significantly impaired. Therapy can help provide a safe, confidential setting in which to discuss your victimization issues with a caring, supportive person and find ways to move forward with your life
  • While they can be embarrassing to talk about, sexual dissatisfaction and sexual dysfunction are very common problems. There are therapists who are particularly experienced at helping with understanding and overcoming issues that may be impairing sexual functioning